The Popdogs "Cool Cats For Pop Dogs"

Our Verdict: A Fine Pedigree

Do you remember when “Pop”… as in “Popular Music” meant something you and friends could actually enjoy openly?
This would be way before Simon Cowell destroyed the meaning of the words.  Well prepare to have your faith restored in this particular genre.  Because the debut album from The Popdogs, “Cool Cats For Pop Dogs” will do just that.
Clocking in at not much more than 30 minutes, the ten songs on the album will be the soundtrack to the quickest 30 minutes of your life!
From the power pop opening of KELLY’S ON till the harmony laden closer DANCIN ‘ AGAIN, via an almost surf  guitar instrumental in MILD MANNERED J, we are treated to reminders of just exactly what pop songs are meant to be… two and a half minutes of aural ecstasy.
Of course singer/songwriter James Styring is no stranger to great songs as anyone who had the good fortune to see or hear his last band, Postcards From Places That Don’t Exist can testify. His teaming up with guitarist Tim McKeating though, has added a definite radio friendliness to the instantly recognisable vocals provided by James.
Jangly guitars, great hooks and choruses, plus the added benefit of a unique and distinctive vocalist. What more can you look for in a classic POP album? Ten sparkling gems, highly recommended for anyone looking to have that faith in POPULAR MUSIC restored.

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