phonograph - phonograph vol1

Sometimes good bands come and good bands go without managing to make the break, or get the lucky break needed to reach the audience they deserve.
Then there are times when a band gets a bit of luck when it’s too late. Think of The Zombies and their masterpiece, Odessey and Oracle.

In a way, that’s exactly what we have here.  Recorded in 2000, this collection of songs, newly released by phonograph, is what should be put in one of those capsules sent into space, as an example to future generations, or alien life, as to what perfect Power Pop on planet earth is.

From the Crowded House-like opener “She Knows It,” to the puzzling, atmospheric closing track “Night Living,” the listener is taken on a journey through all that is best in quintessential pop music.

Songwriters Paul Campbell and Terence O'Mahony have delivered here in spades, songs that would grace any Badfinger, Jellyfish, Big Star or Raspberries album. Not bad touchstones to have at all. As well as incisive, dynamic and catchy guitar riffs throughout, they are complimented by wonderfully worked harmonies.

Absorbing the best of the 60’s classic pop, though to 90’s Brit Pop, and hinting at Americana examples like Cotton Mather, what we have here is a genuine album of songs worthy of sitting alongside any landmark album from ANY genre!

If justice is to be done as it was for The Zombies eventually, then this album by phonograph should take its place at the top of the Power Pop table.

Can't wait for volume 2.

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  1. I 100% agree with everything you have said. This album is instantly addictive. Although it is reminiscent of music from several decades it is still fresh and timeless. The album truly is a musical journey and a very pleasant journey at that. I look forward to Vol 2

  2. I discovered Phonographs music a couple of months ago via youtube, and I was hooked by the freshness of the joyful sounds emanating from the speakers. This album is an excellent example of Power Pop at it's very best. I can't wait to hear Volume 2.