Surfin' Lungs

BAND: Surfin’ Lungs

ALBUM NAME: Full Petal Jacket

RELEASED: Jan 2010 – Wild Punk Records
RATING: A complete blast and loving every “explosion”


In Minty’s opinion, the Surfin’ Lungs are THE Godfathers of British Surf and their latest release, “Full Petal Jacket” rubber stamps that appraisal.

Full Petal Jacket, to start with, has fantastic artwork – based on the Stanley Kubrick “Metal” film poster, the cover artwork is a surfer, compete with the Hawaiin lei around his neck, bass guitar slung over his shoulder, and the US Army hard-hat with “Born To Surf” across it…… This is the best artwork on a Lungs CD to date.
And the insert is not bad either… it has the lyrics and who does what on each song…… interspersed with some atmospheric photos that were taken at a Lungs’ gig (by Lady Casanova).

What about the music I hear you cry? Well, straight away I was on that “Surf Bus”. What a fantastic opening song… that makes you dance along and clap your hands. You can just imagine the Honeys in the background….
There are a few songs about girls gone bad, with “The Girl’s Gone Wild” and “Out On A Corner” and “Talk Of the Locker Room”, a couple of terrific instrumentals, loads of 12 string guitar and a totally fantastic bubblegum song, The Lungs sing about “The Perfect Summer”, complete with the West Coast harmony sound and then immediately give us a “Storm Warning” (Steve, what is a rainstick btw?). “She’s A Surf Punk” would sit neatly on any Surfin’ Lungs album – it’s like The Ramones meets the West Coast head on and creates something wonderful.

Throughout, the drums are fantastic, a great (almost jungle) beat which works really well with every track, especially on “Ungawa”. Minty really loves 12 string guitar, so seeing it feature on 5 tracks on this album is a real bonus. The vocals are great, the harmonies are…… harmonious (how else could I describe them??)

Tops for Minty are Ungawa, Surf Bus, Bubblegum Summer, She’s A Surf Punk and that is just 4 songs – the other 10 are just as good. So go buy this CD…….. it’s available from CD Baby immediately, or in the UK imminently!
And the guys are touring Spain in February - check out their MySpace page for dates - Minty is gutted she is in Madrid the week before they hit the town......

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