BAND: Rachel & The Reindeerz
TRACK NAME: Child Of Winter
RELEASED: 7th December 2010
RATING: Probably one of the best Christmas tunes we’ve heard in a long time


This has to be one of the best Christmas songs going. The video is brilliant, the tune is superb.

A cover of the 1974 Beach Boys recording of Child of Winter, a song written by Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich has been recorded by Rachel & The Reindeerz.

The Brian Wilson / Stephen Kalinich connection stays throughout and Stevie K actually appears in the video, with the Bob Dylan-esque boards, the sleigh-bells and the mistletoe. Original Beach Boy David Marks produces some great guitar licks and Beach Boy boffin and music historian Alan Boyd is there on the key boards (and I suspect somewhere in the production side of things too). Oh, and to add to the mix (although you won’t hear it on the ITunes version) Brian Wilson’s grandchildren, from his 2 daughters Wendy & Carnie, provide some real treats with the kids’ voice overs.

This song has you bopping around and makes you glow. It doesn’t matter that the video is shot in sunny California... you still feel all Christmassy, and “happy and bright”. Rachel sounds great. The song is filled with sleighbells, great vocals and sounds just fantastic.

I think this is one Christmas tune I’ll never tire of....... “I’m building a snowball, that someone will throw...... here comes Santa Claus... right down Santa Claus lane......a Merry Christmas to you.... ding dong ding go the bells..... BRILLIANT.

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